October, 2012: I've decided to start a registry for the folks that own or know of a 1973 "Wild Westerner" VW Bus.  Please email me info on your bus or a bus you know of to be added to the registry.  Specifically:

Name, Location, VIN, Photo of Bus, Production Date (On sticker in door jamb) and anything you'd like to share about your bus.  Perhaps we can piece together how many were produced!  Here's what I've gathered thus far:

Owner: Ross Cupples,
Location: New Hampshire via Oregons
VIN: 223 2 204 897
Production Date: 5/1973

Info: Purchased the bus in September, 2008 from the original owner in Oregon.  Had it shipped to NH where it now resides.  More info here, or see below!

Date Added: 9/29/2012
Owner: Ann B.
Location: Sebastopol, California
VIN: 223 2 196 745
Production Date: 5/1973

Info: Ann emailed me in June, 2012 having found my site.  The bus had a "colorful" history in her family and was listed for sale in July, 2012

Date Added: 9/29/2012
Owner: Rob R
Location: Park City, Utah
VIN: 223 2 187 686
Production Date: need

Info: Pulled from TheSamba forum, more info to come.

Date Added: 9/29/2012

1973 VW Microbus
Factory Colors!  Ravenna Green/Apple Green two tone with a blue stripe around the beltline.  Purchased from the original owner in Oregon.  Had it shipped all the way across the country in an enclosed car carrier!  Completely original paint, interior, engine, in remarkable original shape (I replaced the driver's seat which was a little squished down).  Always stored under a carport, this bus shows no signs of rust anywhere and is a blast to drive.  I replaced the stock wheels with some 5-Spoke BRM replicas to dress it up a little.  Down at the bottom of the page are some pictures from the Ad on TheSamba where I found the bus.  I buffed the paint, and it really looks like a time-warp bus!  I'm still investigating this particular combination of colors.  It has the factory clock and bumper impact strips, like some of the other special editions available at the time, but I can't find a lot of info on this particular paint combo.  I've seen a few others on the 'net, so If you have one of these lime green/apple green busses, let me know! 

Update! 10/2008:  The original owner mailed me some pictures from when the bus was being used in the 70's as well as the original Window Sticker!  The bus is listed as having the "Wild Westerner" appearance group at a small additional charge.  Finally a name for this interesting color combination.  I've posted some of her original pictures and the window sticker below!   Click here to go back.

Here's a copy of the Window Sticker & some great photos of the owners enjoying their new bus in the 70's:

Finally, here are some pictures from the ad I found on

And one final picture as it was leaving the West Coast: