1986 ½ Vanagon Wolfsburg Edition Weekender

  Actually a pretty limited Vanagon.  Special edition released between the '86 and '87 model years.  What makes it 'special,' so to speak, is that it has the Westfaila pop-top & bed but lacks the sink stove and fridge of a full camper.  Instead it has the floor layout of the Weekender Vanagons with the two rear facing seats and fold away table.  These Wolfsburg Weekenders were gold or chocolate brown with a tan corduroy upholstery.  Great information available at on any Vanagon if you're interested- and a pretty active email list, too.  I have a whole folder full of repairs and receipts for this van, she was very well taken care of by the prior owner who now enjoys a 2002 Eurovan MV!  (Thanks, John)  As of June, 2004 the van is now under new ownership, and I'm glad it went to a great home. (Thanks, Billy) Click here to go back.