1996 VW Golf Harlequin.
  One of the rarest VW's ever produced, the Harlequin is one of about 264.  There were four color schemes available.  Definitely gets the most looks out of the bunch... Check out my Harlequin page dedicated for Harlequin Owners. Click here to go back.

harlequin1_thumb.jpg 8.4K

harlequin10_thumb.jpg 8.4K

harlequin2_thumb.jpg 8.3K

harlequin4_thumb.jpg 7.0K

harlequin6_thumb.jpg 9.3K

harlequin5_thumb.jpg 7.9K

harlequin8_thumb.jpg 9.9K

harlequin9_thumb.jpg 7.1K

harlequin9_thumb.jpg 7.1K

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