1999 VW Eurovan GLS VR6
This 1999 VW Eurovan GLS VR6 is currently for sale.  It has been completely serviced and inspected.  It will need an O2 sensor to get the check enging light to go away, and will need a wheel speed sensor to make the ABS light go away.  Mechanically, the van is sound.  Transmission sometimes has a delay going into drive, but only for a split second, and only on the first shift after a cold start after the van has been sitting for more than a week.  This van has only had ONE original owner, who called me when it was time to sell it and move on.  It has always been back to the VW dealer for every service and every repair it ever needed.  Odometer has 170K miles, but was replaced when the van had 9K miles so there are 179K miles on the vehicle.  Body has been completely repainted (except tailgate) and is in very good shape.  Interior is average, with the drivers seat showing significant wear & tear (literally) but the rear seats are in fantastic condition.  Carpet leaves a little to be desired.  All in all, a pretty clean Eurovan which has been regularly used its entire life.  I was going to make it as perfect as possible and sell it for more, but I ran out of time and with a little one on the way, I don't think I can see the time to "finish" everything I had planned.  Asking $5700 OBO.  Will consider ANY trade, especially VW.  Email Ross if interested.  Click here to go back.