1997 VW Eurovan Camper

I saw this 1997 Eurovan Camper at the end of a driveway near my home.  It didn't appear to be for sale, but looked like it had been sitting a while unused.  I left a note on it.  The owner called me that night and said they were thinking of selling the Van becuase they don't use it any more.  These Eurovan Campers are based on the long wheelbase T4 Eurovan, and this example is a 1997 with the 12V VR6 Engine.  The van is in need of some interior work, specifically a replacement for the floor in the camper section.  Everything is present and functional, including the optional side awning.  I'm not sure what I'm doing with this one.  I replaced the 15" Steel wheels with 16" Alloys and load rated tires from a 2003.  I had new pads/rotors/calipers installed all the way around to make it safe and drivable.  Check out the photos below.  Click here to go back.