1990.5 VW Jetta GLI 16V

   I received a phone call from Buzz at German Motorspors that he had a customer with a GLI on the lift that was thinking of getting rid of it.  I took a drive down and had a look.  The car was remarkably original but needed quite a bit mechanically, and the interior was less than stellar.  I bought the car, and made it a project that I would chip away at whenever I had time.  Over a three year period, I sourced the correct 15" BBS wheels, installed new tires, new front and rear brakes, new oil pan and gasket, new Techtonics exhaust, replacement front seats, and gave the entire outside of the car a full buff/polish/touch up and detail.  What is amazing is the amount of originality this GLI has.  Although it was a little rough around the edges when I got it, everything was there to "restore" it to nearly factory condition.  Have a look below!  Click here to go back.