1985 VW Jetta GLI.
  My First Car!  It was a 1985 Jetta GLI that was traded at family's dealership.  I convinced my father to let me take it and make it into my first car.  I had a local body shop fix some rust and add the black racing stripes over the top.  I spent a lot of time and money on this car, changing seats time and time again, changing wheels over and over, adding a CD Player and Amp & Subs.  What a lot of memories with this car!  I sold it when still in high school to another VW Enthusast.  He traded back to my family's dealership years later, and I drove the car again in college.  I again sold it when in school for Tuition $$$ and last I saw it, it was kind of beat up and behind a local KFC :(  I miss this one!  Scroll down for more pics, or go back to the main page.