1983 VW Rabbit LS Deluxe - 48K Miles!

  This 1983 Rabbit has traveled only 48K Miles since new.  I purchased it from a fellow VW Enthusiast in Georgia.  The car was originally owned by one elderly male owner who rarely drove it, and always had it serviced at the original dealer.  The Rabbit had sat for a bit and it was brought to the dealer where he was told most of the fuel system should be replaced.  He traded it for a newer car, and it passed through a couple hands before ending up for sale on  This Rabbit is very close to showroom condition, and remarkably original!  This car has nearly every option available at the time other than a sliding sunroof.  5-Speed (4 plus E) Transmission, Fuel Injection, Air Conditioning, Deluxe Steering wheel and Leatherette Interior, Deluxe Beltline trim. wheel arch trim and wheel covers, Many other little unique factory parts.  It's like it came out of a time warp.

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