1983 VW Quantum Coupe
This '83 Quantum Coupe is completely original, and in remarkable original condition. The Quantum "Coupes" were only produced in the '82-'83 model years for the US and are relatively uncommon to find today.  The majority were available in '82, but this '83 was purchased brand new in Utah and serviced regularly throughout its life.  I purchased it in October of 2007 from a fellow enthusiast that found it locally (in Utah) from the original elderly owner.  This coupe is a 5-speed 4-Cylinder, and is just plain unique.  The Hammond Louvers on the back window and the multi-spoke 13" wheels, along with some of the lines on the car kind of remind me of a DeLorean... certainly a unique car, but the styling and lack of performance wasn't for everyone, and it was a poor selling model for VW.   Click here to go back.