1981 VW Derby LS RHD
This 1981 VW Derby has only 44,000 Original Miles. Derby's were essentially VW Polo's with a Trunk.  A Company in Maryland (eCodeParts) had brought over some early classic water-cooled cars back in 2006.  This Derby came from England and was sold on eBay to a woman from Oklahoma.  Eventually, she sold it to her son for a commuter car.  I was poking around on VWVortex and saw reference to the eBay auction from back in 2007 and started to try and find the current owner of the car.  I happened across a post in another forum where this '81 RHD Derby was listed in the owner's current vehicles.  I had emailed just for kicks to see if he still had the car, and over a couple months one thing led to another I ended up buying it (Thanks, Ben)!  This Derby is a "Facelifted" MK1, which means it is the 1st generation body with updated plastic bumpers, plastic grill with square headlamps, and updated interior/dash.  It still wears its original British plate on the front.  This car has been lowered, and sports 13" ATS Cup wheels.  The car was being used as a daily driver for the last few years, and as such is in need of some restoration and interior work which I plan on picking at over the next few years.  For now, this makes the third Derby in my collection, one of each generation (MK1, MK1.5, and MK2).  I think I may be the only one in the world who owns one of each... Crazy!  Click here to go back.

And some pics of the car before I gave it a full detail and buffed out the paint:

And after the buff-out: