1980 VW Polo Right Hand Drive
This 1980 Polo has only 11,000 Original Miles!  This is a late MKI (facelifted) Polo (Plastic Grill, Plastic Bumpers).  These first generation Polos were basically re-badged Audi 50's, sharing every component except the Logos on the car.  A Company in Maryland (eCode) had brought over some early classic water-cooled cars back in 2006.  This Polo came from the UK and was sold to a VW Enthusiast in Maryland.  This Polo is amazingly original, and is in remarkable condition. The car was offered for sale on eBay in July of 2007, and what got me interested right off the bat was the right-hand-drive.  Very fun to drive, and the looks you get from other drivers are priceless.  The interior really shows the lack of mileage and originality to this car, a remarkable survivor.  Click here to go back.