1979 VW Polo L Left Hand Drive
This 1979 Polo has only 60,000 Original Miles!  This is a late MKI (facelifted) Polo (Plastic Grill, Plastic Bumpers).  These first generation Polos were basically re-badged Audi 50's, sharing every component except the Logos on the car.  A Company in Maryland (eCode) had brought over some early classic water-cooled cars back in 2006.  This Polo came from Germany and was brought here as a project car.  It was eventually sold with a number of other parts to Yarrow Thorne (  Yarrow had lowered the car, installed Mini Lite Aluminum Wheels, and had a custom mural painted on the hood and roof.  Also, the valve cover and air cleaner were powder coated (pink, however).  I bought the car in October, 2007 and stripped the entire car down and had it completely repainted the original Diamond Silver metallic.  It has Scirocco S front Seats, and I just found a Scirocco S Rear seat so the fabric will soon match.  Very fun to drive, and surprisingly quick for an 893cc engine .  Just a cool old-school euro-spec VW.  Click here to go back.

And Here's what the car looked like when I bought it:

And some pics before Yarrow bought it: