1974 VW Type 181 "Thing"

  This "Thing" is just about completely original and rust free.  What an interesting car!  Based on a military design, VW Thought it would be a good idea to take their for-the-military vehicle (Kurierwagen) and turn it into a fun, durable consumer vehicle during a time when VW-based dune buggies were popular.  "Things" were only imported and sold in the US during the 1973 and 1974 model years.  Almost all were either Yellow, Green, or Orange and painted in a Matte finish.  The special edition "Aculpulco Thing" was white with blue stripes and came with a surrey top.  In other parts of the world, Things were known as Safaris or Trekkers.  The car has all the signs that it has been cared for and is largely original in every way.  It has had only three owners, and has been kept indoors for the bulk of its life.  The doors are completely removable, and the windshield can be folded down easily like a Jeep.  There is a canvas convertible top, and "Thing Shop" side windows.  All the little parts and pieces that often go missing or break are still present on this one!  Click here to go back.