1967 13-Window Deluxe Split Window Bus

Well, I've been searching for a solid '67 Deluxe to restore for many years.  I finally came across this '67 split window deluxe worthy of restoring in October, 2005.  It is a 9-Passenger (non-walkthrough) originally from Texas and New Mexico it has a very solid body.  Where most busses this age have plenty of rust in the rockers, doglegs, cargo floor, and wheelwells, this one has all the original sheet metal still in tact.  A very solid bus!  Originally Lotus White over Lotus White these solid color deluxe are somewhat rare.  I've always wanted a Red/White bus and will more than likely go with Titan Red and Beige Grey (colors used in '67).  Still giving the color some thought, however.

I plan on giving this bus a full and complete restoration.  Mechanically it is already quite sound.  The motor is a recent rebuild and is a Dual Port 1704cc coupled to a newly rebuilt "Freeway Flyer" transaxle.  1967's came from the factory 12-Volt (the only year this was a standard feature for split window busses)

It's the very last year of the split-windows and I can't wait to share my progress as the restoration moves along.  For now, here are some pictures as purchased:

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