1958 VW Beetle
  This 1958 Beetle is a fine unrestored survivor.  Mostly original paint, reportedly stored in a barn after the original (elderly) owner's passing.  Has been updated with a 1500cc motor, but still 6V.  All original accessories inside and out.  Not sure if I'm going to completely restore, or just clean it up and drive it as-is.  I love the old-style fenders and bumpers of this body very  much, and it's pure coincidence that I own it.  I deal with a lot of late model VW's and received a phone call one day from a man looking to sell this beetle right in town.  I didn't need another project, but drove to see it anyhow.  One thing led to another and I was trailing the car back to my place.  Scroll down for more pics, or go back to the main page.