2003 VW Eurovan MV Weekender

  I had seen this van in the repair shop at German Motorsports in Gilford, NH.  It was in for a power window wiring repair.  I poked my head in the window and saw it had only 49K original miles.  It was in immaculate shape, and I just remarked at how clean it was.  A couple months later, the original (German) owners of the van happened to stop by because they were considering selling the van and heard I had seen and liked it.  One thing led to another, and I was able to purchase the van and add it to the collection.  It is in remarkable original condition and has really not seen much use.  While it's not really a "collector" car, it is in "collector" condition, and I have a history of holding on to such vehicles just becuase they are only original once.  Check out the photos below.  Click here to go back.