Updates to the Harlequin Page


Updates to the Harlequin Page:

4/24/02 Page started, with my Harlequin
4/25/02 Added 5 Harlequins, all produced in the 200 Run
4/26/02 Posted Bert Menco's letter from VW on the How Many? Page
5/7/02 Posted Craig Seabrook's Harlequin
5/7/02 Posted Glen Barth's Harlequin
5/10/02 Posted Benoit Plamondon's Harlequin
5/11/02 Posted article from 1996 Sentinel Sunday on the 'How Many' Page
6/2/02 Craig Seabrook's Picture & #2 of 200 posted
6/23/02 Posted Warren Knapp's Harlequin
7/2/02 Posted Harlequin found on eBay
7/6/02 Started Harlequin Picture Page, will add more
7/16/02 Posted Rev. Phil Smith's Harlequin
8/22/02 Posted Scott Guptill's Harlequin, and updated the How Many page with new information.
2/5/03 After a long hiatus, I've posted May Curran, Bobby Chung, and Ron Mann's Harlequins
6/11/03 Posted a whole bunch of Harlequins, and updated 'How Many' Page
11/16/03 Added a few more Harlequins
11/26/03 Added 64155's picture
5/15/04 Posted and updated many new Harlequins.  Thanks to all for your contributions!
10/21/04 Posted a few new Harlequins, including my third!
3/6/05 Posted many more Harlequins to the site, including a solid colored one!
4/15/05 Posted 6 More Harlequins!!
8/24/05 Finally updated the page, with many more additions and name/location changes!
12/15/06 Updated the page, with many more additions and name/location changes!
5/5/07 Updated the page, with many more additions and name/location changes!
12/30/07 Updated the How Many page with new information.
6/5/2008 Added Many New Harlequins
2/25/2009 Added 6 New Harlequins
1/6/2012 Added photos found from 1996 Detroit Auto Show showing a new Harlequin on display.
7/7/2012 Long time since last update!  Added many Harlequins, up to 99 accounted for! 
7/8/2012 Completed update searching through archived emails and submissions.  105 total Harlequins accounted for thus far!
8/14/2014 Added 4 more Harlequins.  Although I have kept the registry current for years, this update page was never brought current!  Whoops.
1/18/2015 Added 2 More Harlequins, updated 2 other owners
Still to come Article from June 2000's HotVW's magazine, Polo Harlekin Brochure & Model pics, and MUCH more!