October, 2012: I've finally decided to start a registry for the folks that own or know of a 1979 VW Beetle Convertible "Epilog" or "Triple Black" code 9001LL.  I've been meaning to start this registry since 2002!  Finally, 10 years later it has started.  Please email me info on your Epilog or an Epilog you know of to be added to the registry.  Specifically:

Name, Location, VIN, Photo of Epliog, Production Date (On sticker in door jamb) and anything you'd like to share about your beetle.  Here's what I've gathered thus far:

Owner: Ross Cupples,
Location: New Hampshire
VIN: 159 203 0175
Production Date: July, 1979
Info: Purchased this car in 2008 with only 39K Original Miles

Date Added: 9/29/2012
Owner: Ross Cupples,
Location: New Hampshire
VIN: Coming Soon
Production Date: Coming Soon
Info: Owned this car since 1999, it's the reason I wanted to start the registry

Date Added: 9/29/2012
Owner: John Hamm
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
VIN: 159 203 2920
Production Date:
Info: I saw visited your personal website and saw you had a triple back VW. As I looked closer I noticed you referred to it as an Epilog (special edition). My wife purchased a 1979 VW Beetle triple black several years ago

Date Added: April 17, 2009
Owner: Zack Hendrix
VIN: 159 203 4934
Production Date:
Info: "Hello. I saw that you were thinking about making a registry for the "triple
black" vert 79 beetles. I have one and was wondering if you knew the production numbers for this car?"

Date Added: May 1, 2007
Owner: Randy Lewis
Scottsdale, AZ
VIN: 159 203 6614
Production Date: 08/1979
Info: I bought it about 7 months ago from a lady that was the second owner. She had owned it for 25 years. The car had sat idle for about 2 years before I purchased

Date Added: December 9, 2007
Owner: Formerly Jodie Foster
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
VIN: 159 203 7479
Production Date:
Info: Auctioned in 2005: "Jodie Foster's 1979 Volkswagen Bug convertible in mint condition. This car was made the last year these models were produced in Germany. Driven by Ms. Foster in her early 20's the car has been carefully garaged and maintained since its active use. The car has its original engine and the odometer reads just under 50,000 miles. Ms Foster has signed the glove compartment as well as a recent photograph of herself with the car which still bears its Yale license-plate frames."
Date Added: 2005
Owner: Louis-Philippe Cordeau
VIN: 159 204 0383
Production Date:
Info:  The car is like new everything original 6200 miles

Date Added: 7/20/2007
Owner: Scott Plato
VIN: 159 204 0403
Production Date:
Info: Volkswagen of America is working on providing a build date and the sticker price for me. I had this information at one time but apparently mis-placed it. As I said, the car went to Sellersburg Indiana in 1980, to a man who already had one. More info to follow. As I said, I was the original owner, bought it off the floor and as I remember it was very
close to $8000.00.

Date Added: 3/28/2005
Owner: John L
VIN: 159 204 1117
Production Date:
Info:  The car is in excellent shape with only two owners and 33K miles.

Date Added: 5/4/2007
Owner: Ernie Perelez
Location: Alabama
VIN: 159 204 3634
Production Date: December 21, 1979
Info: Ernie sent me his epilog December, 2011

Date Added: 12/12/2011
Owner: Elizabeth Snyder
Location: Oak Brook, IL
VIN: 159 204 3781
Production Date: January, 1980
Info: "When we bought the car the owners did not know what they were selling nor did we know what we were buying. To add to some of the uniqueness of our car the manufacture date is January 1980, so it was one of the last ones produced during the over run. We are the third owner. The first owner bought it new and traded it in after 4 years. The family we bought it from then purchased it and had it for about 20 years."
Date Added: 10/2/2009
Owner: G. Cooper
Location: Unknown
VIN: 159 204 4103
Production Date: Coming Soon
Info: Emailed

Date Added: 9/29/2012